Language coaching

¡Hola! I am Jairo and I am your language coach.

You wonder what’s a language coach? Please, watch the video above, but what basically means is that I am going to teach you how to learn Spanish.

My job is not to teach you vocabulary, grammar or anything in another language, my job is to teach you HOW TO LEARN SPANISH.

First of all we are going to make a plan tailored to you. We will set goals that are achievable to you and make a step by step plan for you to follow. That means that you are going to study on your own, and that you will come to me to check your progress and comment the difficulties you are finding along the way.  The frequency you want to have our sessions really depends on you.

What is clear is that for learning a language you need a proper mindset. I am going to help you to get it. All of my students are full of fears at the beginning.

“I’m afraid of making mistakes” “I’m never going to be able talk to a native” “This is just so difficult” “Spanish verbs are hard” “It doesn’t make sense” “I didn’t have time”

Those are just a few thought most of my clients have. We are going to learn how to overcome them. We are going to take control and be fully responsible for our learning process. We are going to learn how changing our thoughts will really make the difference. You are the one that decides, not your brain, and I am going to hep you along the way.

I know you really need to learn Spanish, that’s why you are still here, but you may wonder where to start or what plan to follow… Here is where I come to the rescue! As I coach, I will help you to find a way of learning that works for you.

Having online coaching sessions means that you can have them from anywhere you want. For each session I will share with you calendars, sheets and forms I have created to help you in your language learning adventure. Remember, it’s all about our mindset when it comes to language learning!

Not sure if this is for you? Please read this article about language coaching. You can also book a free coaching session now to talk about your language learning needs. Send me an email to diazreyesja@gmail.com and we can arrange a date and time suitable for you.

All the best in your language learning! Your language coach,






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