Motivational Calendar – March 2017

motivational calendar march
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Hello everybody!

We are starting a new month -can you believe it?- and it’s time for another edition of the Motivational Calendar.

Each month in this post I will make a review of my last month’s goals and I will set new goals for the next month. So here we go…

Goals Review

My first goal was to watch “Familjer på äventyr” each weekday during the month. And I achieve it! Yuhu! As planned I wrote down the sentences -not just isolated words- that I almost understood. Why? This way I learn vocabulary within a context and also it’s just a bit above my current level. I almost understood the sentence. That means I only didn’t understand probably a word or two. This method is great for the following reasons:

1) It is just difficult enough to keep me motivated. It’s not super difficult so I decide to quit the minute I don’t understand a word.

2) As I said before, I learn vocabulary within a context. Because I’m watching telly in Swedish is even better, cause I can see the character’s facial expressions and understand the body language that goes with each word or sentence. That is what I call real contextualized learning!

My second goal was to find a language partner and start a language exchange. I started not only one but two different exchanges. Bravo! Why a learning exchange is great?

1) Is usually free. FREE!

2) It helps you to overcome fear. You have to talk, there is no other way that the conversation keeps going.

3) You can put in practice what you learn in your self-study time or at your tutoring sessions AKA seeing results of your efforts. Studying a language either with a tutor or by yourself is great, but you need to practice what you learn otherwise all that you are learning will fade. A natural conversation forces you to use the vocabulary you know so the more you talk the better you will get at it. Simple

Goal setting

I obviously want to continue watching Swedish television everyday and continue with my language exchange, but I also want to set new goals for this month.

My first goal for this month is to be able to maintain a conversation for about 15 minutes in Swedish. Don’t get me wrong, there’s gonna be awkward silence, me trying to say something and not getting anywhere and probably asking “how do you say … in Swedish?” in Swedish.But you know what? It’s fine. I’m a beginner. I’m a proud beginner. As long as I try it’s OK. I’m not going to have a perfect 15 minutes conversation the first time I try it. But I’m gonna try. That’s the main point.

My second goal will be to implement Swedish in other hobbies I have. For example I really enjoy reading and listening about positive psychology so it’s a great option to put the two of them together. It’s not super-easy and I won’t understand everything. But just recognizing small sentences and ideas it’s fine for my level. And what’s even better, this goal will proof me something: I can use Swedish in my everyday life. How amazing is that? Inner satisfaction level going up up up!

What are your goals for this month? Which goals did you achieve last month? Let me know in the comments.

Here is your Motivational Calendar

Happy language learning!


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