Why do you need a language coach?


Coaching has become very popular in the last couple of years. We hear about getting a coach at the gym to loose that couple of extra pounds. But that’s the most conventional coach. Life coaches, weight coaches, career coaches and business coaches are becoming more and more popular, but have you heard about a language coach? In this article you will learn what’s a language coach and how hiring one will help you to reach your language goals.

So, what’s a language coach? Well, first of all you need to know that there are many different opinions about what language coaches are and what is their approach towards learning a language but since I’m writing this article I am going to give you my opinion and approach towards language coaching. It’s probably easier to define what’s a language coach by setting clear what is not. A language coach is not a language teacher. So, if you hire a Spanish teacher to teach you some Spanish… that’s not a coach, that’s a teacher.  A Spanish teacher (let’s continue with that example) will explain to you the Spanish grammar, will teach you the Spanish vocabulary and will help you to develop the language skills you need to learn that language. That’s a very noble aim (I am a teacher too) but that’s not a coach.

The job of the coach is not to teach you grammar, vocabulary or anything like that, but to look for strategies that will help you in your language learning. So, a Spanish Language Coach will help to find to motivation to keep learning, write down a plan on how you are going to learn, find ways to practise the language, learn vocabulary more effectively, etc.  In a nutshell: a language coach will be there to help you overcome any difficulties that come along in your language learning journey. Most of the challenges that we find while learning a language are not language related at all,  like the frustration of not remembering that word you think you need, not being able to stay motivated, not finding time to study, finding your study sessions super boring… sounds familiar? We all can relate to that kind of situations because we all have been there. That’s why the role of the language coach is so important. A language coach has previously learnt a language and can understand the difficulties and frustrations you encounter along the way. That’s not all, his/her knowledge of your target language is really deep, so he/she knows which strategies are better to follow for that specific language.

So why do you need a language coach? If you have one of the following problems, you better start considering getting one:

-You don’t find the motivation to study or keep studying after some time. You start learning Spanish, you hit the classroom twice a week, you use that app you love after a long day of work but after a couple of weeks you start missing your lessons and it’s been ages since you last opened that app. You need a language coach! A good language coach will help you to stay motivated with a good strategy.

-You find hard to learn and, not to mention, to remember vocabulary. Remember, language coaches have learnt in most cases multiple languages, so they can advise you which are the best strategies to learn new vocabulary that will suit your needs and style of learning.

-You don’t find the time to learn your target language. Time, we never have enough time. If you ever thought “I want to learn [insert language here] but I don’t have time” then you need a language coach. A language coach will help you to work around your schedule and find the time you so much need to learn your target language.

-You find your lessons boring. A language coach will change the way you look at learning a language. Most people imagine sitting in a classroom full of people and doing fill in the gaps exercises when they think of the language learning process. Boring! By getting a language coach you will discover there are multiple ways to learn a language in an interesting way to you.

Want to solve any of the problems I’ve just talked about in this article? Then, find a language coach and change the way you learn languages forever. You will never regret it, I promise! Want to find articles like this? Check out my blog https://iamyourlanguagecoach.com for more great articles.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels


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