What Is Language Coaching?

I am your language coach. That’s the name of the website you are visiting just now. I call myself a language coach, not just a regular language teacher. But what is a language coach? What does language coaching even mean? What is the difference between a language coach and a language teacher? By reading this article you will get a clear idea of what a language coach is and what are the benefits of including one in your language learning journey.

What is a coach?

It seems everybody is calling themselves a coach nowadays. Fitness coach, health coach, weight coach, life coach, business coach and now even language coach. Well, the coaching industry is a howling success and that means is very common nowadays to hear about all this coaching figures. But still you might not have a clear idea of what coaching really means. I’ll help you with that. Maybe, it’s easier to define coaching by what it is not, than by what it is. Coaching is not:

-Mentoring. A mentor provides a role model to follow. A coach is not someone who will show you by his actions how to live your life or what decisions to make.

-Therapy . The International Coaching Community states that “therapy deals with the client’s mental health. Coaching deals with the client’s mental growth” which in my opinion is a very appropriate definition.

-Training. Training means to acquire certain skills in life. The trainer is the expert and he tells you what to do in order to develop that skill.

-Consultancy. A consultant helps you to solve problems or even solves them for you.

-Teaching . Teaching shares knowledge from one person to another. A teacher tells you what to learn and how to learn it. Also, the teacher tells you if you are competent enough in a discipline.

Some people would argue that a coach at times performs the role of a mentor, a consultant, a trainer or a teacher and although it’s true that sometimes the lines between all of them are a bit blurry a coach is very different from all of them. So, what is coaching?

Coaching is a set of tools to develop the individual. It involves making questions to help others in a self-knowledge journey, focusing on personal and professional goals. And this is a huge part of coaching, goals. Coaching helps you identify and create your own goals and figure a way out to achieve them. Coaching is a process of “helping to learn”, very different from teaching. The role of the coach is not to judge or give advice and does not tell the coachee what they have to do. Better now? Let’s jump now into language coaching.

What is language coaching?

Language coaching is just one of the kinds of coaching. A language coach takes the principles mentioned before and applies them to the language learning process. But, what is the difference between a teacher and a language coach? A teacher will tell what to learn, what you are going to be able to do in that language at the end of the semester, how the teacher is going to measure your progress, etc. A language coach is more focus on the here and now as there’s the necessity of taking strategic action. A language coach will measure your success by visible changes in behaviour and visible results in real life.

So the first thing a language coach will do is to help you set your own goals. That means that together, the coach and the coachee, will set visible actions to take in order to achieve those goals. Some examples of goals can be: be able to converse with my neighbour in their language, be able to understand a youtube video about gardening or be able to have a skype conference in your target language. For any of these goals the coach and coachee will make  a plan on what to do to achieve them. That means taking action, and that is probably one of the most important principles of coaching.

How a coach can help you in your language learning journey? It will definitely help you to get faster results with a realistic view. You are not just learning Spanish, you are learning to make a 10 minutes presentation in Spanish in front a client, just to mention an example. When you get the results you want you will be much more motivated and that’s great cause motivation leads to take more visible actions.

Does it go any deeper than that?

Of course, a coach will help you to understand what barriers stop you from getting the results you want, specially your own mental barriers. That means, a coach will help you realise the way you think and how it affects your feelings and actions. For example, you might be terrified of speaking out in another language because you think everyone is going to make fun of you if you make a mistake.  

In a nutshell a language coach will help you to keep your motivation high to get the results you want through visible actions.

Interested in getting a coach? Well, you are in the right place! Contact me and we can have a chat to get to know you needs better. See you soon!  Happy Language Learning!

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels



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