Goals Review October 2018

Hello language learners!

It’s the end of the month and it’s time for me to review what I’ve done this month. This month’s been ok, not great though. As you all know learning Swedish is not my priority hence, is always a bit challenging to meet my goals when learning this language.  Anyway, I focused on 3 main goals as you can see on the picture below (if you want more info on how to use the Motivational Calendar check this out)

Motivational Calendar October 2018 Swedish

My three goals were very clear but I didn’t quite complete two of them to the full. Let me explain you what happened along the way.

1- Find a good course in Swedish. I actually sat down a couple of evenings and looked for a good course in Swedish. I particularly examined one that I was really keen on but when I tested the trial version I realised that it had nothing to do with what I was looking for. It was boring. Very boring. It had the usual text book layout. So in lesson one you learnt to say hi, how are you?, thanks and goodbye. I already know all of that in Swedish. So I had a look at the upper beginner course and I found things like family members, giving directions and ordering food on a restaurant. I find all of that extremely boring. Why? Because I don’t think is useful for me just know and I don’t find it challenging. I want to learn Swedish cause I want to watch Swedish TV series and understand them and I want to be able to converse with a swede while having “fika” or maybe a glass of “öl”. As a millennial, I am very demanding and I want to get results as fast as possible.  So that particular course was not going to help me in that sense. Probably I need another approach, one that is not that conventional and that involves more speaking practise. If I want to speak in Swedish and then I sit for 30 minutes just listening to an audio or studying a grammar book I am not going to get the results I want, I am going to get frustrated and eventually I am going to quit. So did I achieve the goal? Not really, but I’m closer to know what works for me and that means success. 

2- Find a good TV serie. I have mentioned before how I used to watched “Bonus Familjen” and “Vem bor har”, two of my favourites Swedish TV shows. I went on a search trying to find a TV series that would catch my attention. I thought about the famous “The Bridge” (Bron, in Swedish) but the problem is that it is spoken half in Swedish half in Danish and although I could understand some bits of the Danish conversations I thought mixing up both languages would make my brain go crazy. After that I didn’t really look for another TV serie. The good news is that I found another resource (a written one, this time) that is great for my language learning. It is actually the website of Jehovahs Witnesses, which is translated into more than 800 languages. That’s right, more than 800! Putting the religious content aside they have easy to read articles with the audio transcript to follow along. I’ve been doing that a couple of times a week during the past week. I think it’s a great resource as I can read and listen at the same time. I’ll get into details on how do I use this resource to study probably on the next Goals Review edition. So, did I achieve the goal? Not the original one, but I was able to find another resource that is working great.

3- Find a language partner. I did! I actually found a person that wants to swap my Spanish for his Swedish. Hurrah! The only thing I need to do now is to set the rules of our language exchange and establish a routine for our language swapping aka organise and structure the whole process. So that’s my goal for November.

Motivational Calendar October 2018 Swedish 2
My actual calendar. I wrote down the days and the times I was going to dedicate to Swedish Learning.

Final thoughts

Though I didn’t achieve two out of the three goals that I stablished I am very happy with the outcome of the whole month. I am moving towards my goals and although I didn’t achieve some of them I know now what doesn’t work for me and what I am looking for and that is very valuable too. I changed the plan in the middle on the month as I realised I wouldn’t get the results I wanted with a traditional course and also tried to find a TV series that I liked but I wasn’t very successful. But I was able to find an incredible resource and understood what I like/ don’t like and that is also part of the experience. So overall, I am very satisfied with my language learning journey.  That is what language coaching, and coaching in general, is all about: finding a way to reach your goals, and that way is always flexible and variable. 

What about you? How was your month? Were you able to achieve your goals? Let me know in the comments. If you want me to help you develop your goals or a plan to achieve them let me know. I am here to help! 


Happy language learning,  your language coach.


Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels


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